My name is Michael

I've totaled 3 cars so far


I’m tired. Guess what, working full-time and going to school full-time isn’t easy or fun. It’s so weird to think the semester is almost a third over. Anyway, stuff.



PR’d again tonight. 🙂 Officially my 5K time is 25:58. I think that’s about a two minute improvement from last week.. and about 5 minutes from the start of the year. Anyway, word of advice to anyone reading and thinking about running: DO IT. It sucks while doing it, but you feel so refreshed and accomplished after. It’s such a small thing to do too, it’s only a half hour a few times a week.

There’s a midnight 5K I’m looking at doing in May, which I think would be haermm and awesome. It’s up on the hill where the old airport is in St. George. There’s also a 10K next month during Spring Break, but I don’t know what I’ll be doing then and I’ve been training for a 5K, not a double5K, haermm. 5K is just over 3 miles, if you didn’t know.

More stuff

I did more arts. These were all done in Illustrator, meaning they were made Vector instead of Raster. I know I keep mentioning it, but that was a big goal of mine this year, working less in Photoshop and more in other programs.

The assignment was to take an animal and make a few different designs. My favorite animal is a Bear, haermm.


This one is called.. Grizzlybeats? Am I supposed to name these? It’s meant to be sort of abstract, sort of 3D. Why? One of my favorite songs ever is Heartbeats by the Knife, and I found an awesome remix of it a while back on youtube called Grizzlybeats. The art is also based on the cover of a Knife album, Deep Cuts.


Haermm. Let’s call it Bear at Table. We were supposed to derive (aka trace) this from another photo, so boom: I thought it would be haermm to tie in Chicago, since I just went there and they have the Bears and Cubs and stuff there.


I heard something about Prop 8 a few days ago, so here we go. I like this one a lot. I’m not sure if it’s a sarcastic take on the situation or not.. I’m well aware of the church’s stance on it, and call me liberal if you like, but I think gays should have the right to marry. It’s honestly not as big a deal as some groups are making it out to be, and after all, free agency, right? There are a lot bigger problems the country should be worried about, like the economy and foreign relations. I won’t ever go out and picket for gay marriage, so I’m apathetic, but.. you know. If it happens, I wouldn’t really mind. That’s my opinion.

Anyway, back to art haermm. This is just a humerus take on it, that’s all. The bears help form an “M”, standing for either Michael or Marriage, your call. It didn’t take long, and like I said, this is my favorite out of the ones I had to do for the assignment.


Pooh. I had another idea, but I kind of ran out of time and did this instead. It’s supposed to be a pot of hunny in the sky, and then Pooh sees it and ties balloons to himself to get to it. I just remembered I meant there to be bees around the honey pot, but I forgot. Maybe this is all a metaphor. Anyway, I think it turned out ok, but eh.

More, more stuff.

I watch a lot of Fresh Prince. I think the DVR is the most important invention of all time.


It really reminds me of the summer of 06 or 07, whenever my Uncle Rob lived with us. I was kicked out of my room for Clare I think, and he was on the couch, so I was behind the couch every night. Playing Grand Theft Auto, learning Photoshop, writing stupid Harry Potter stories, watching the NBA was a good time.


I found this at work today. I’m pretty sure I made it around April 2009 when I was a senior. It’s funny, the teacher in that class was named Ms. Jensen and she’s really the only teacher I ever had a “chill” relationship with. I made it with all HTML coded in a text file. No WYSIWYG. No CSS. Just tables. It’s funny ,because that was outdated even back then, and I looked over the code today and I have no idea what 70% of it is. It’s funny how we can forget things we used to know so well. The site itself was for a trip I was planning to take with my bro Jordan to San Diego. Really over the top, I know. Keep in mind this was in a time before Twitter was popular, so I would have had to update the whole site manually. Crazy, isn’t it?

I might try to get back into web design, because I’m sure I’ll need to learn HTML 5 and CSS sometime in college anyway. Which reminds me.


This is something I made when I was new at Learnkey. It’s the overall theme of the project, which was a learning aid for HTML 5. One of the best things about my job is while I’m a graphic designer, and I’m also constantly learning things in the files we make. I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to go through and watch some of the content we make, so I have a good starting point for HTML. My coworker Lee drew the superhero. He also just finished drawing his first comic book, and he’s going to a convention in April for it.

The wrap up

  • I had my first Photography assignment due this week, but I know my pictures are crap, so I won’t even bother sharing them
  • I traded my Touchpad for a 3DS. I like Zelda now.
  • Scramble is awesome. Seriously, play it. Play me.
  • I made a full pot of soup last night, but forgot I don’t have a roommate anymore, so I have leftovers for several days now.
  • I had a mini-breakdown a few days ago where I decided I hate Cedar and the man who founded it. I’ve calmed down, but I’ve also decided I want to go to a more eastern college and have a “traditional” college experience, whatever that is. I’m really looking at Michigan, but transferring will be really hard. Something else to work for, right?
  • I honestly don’t remember the last time I played my PS3 or Wii.
  • I hate Eli Manning again.
  • The church is still really growing on me. I’m blown away by some of the things I’m feeling. I’ll leave some of that for next time though, haermm.
  • Music, because I like posting picturesImage

Srug, this was more of a art thing. Sorry.


WordPress! 2011!

So. It’s almost 2012 and I’m well on my way to being 21. Let that sink in for a bit.

Good. Now, it’s really shocking for me to type that, because honestly high school seems like yesterday, and it’s really weird to me to know that a lot of the people from my class are already married and some have kids. Me? I’m still a freshman in college, wheras they’re juniors and some have already graduated also. I’m a little behind, right? I really feel motivated to catch up.I kind of feel like documenting some of the stuff I do in a blog, so here it is. I may or may not link to this very often, so if you’re reading this.. congrats, you caught me linking.

2012 starts in just over two days. Spring semester starts in just under two weeks. Maybe this post I’ll do a short rant on 2011, then move into some of my resolutions and stuffs.


I’m watching Office Space right now. It’s my favorite movie of all-time. This time last year, I was probably asleep. I worked the graveyard shift at a few McDonaldses in St. George for the better part of the last 3 years. I didn’t graduate with my high school class because I’m a lazy procrastinator. Suffice to say, I was in a rough state of mind a year ago.

Sometime in Feburary, my sister Clare referred me to a graphic design job in Cedar City. It was a great opportunity, and I grabbed it. It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. It was a chance for a fresh start. I taught myself Photoshop when I was an 8th grader, way back in 2005. Suddenly, I had a job as a real graphic designer, thanks to a skill I had taught myself. I was pretty proud of that.

Cedar City is an amazing place, though it’s small. I’ve learned a lot at my job, and it’s been a huge blessing in my life. (There’s that word – blessing. I’ll get to that in a minute.) I don’t use the word “hero” very often, but my sister Clare is one of the greatest heroes in American history. I don’t know where I’d be right now without her help, honestly. Still wasting my life in a fast food job, no doubt.

Anyway, Cedar. I actually went to an adult high school here. (I know, I know.) I worked my hands to the bone earning a science credit to finish on time. (I started sometime in mid-April, and the deadline was early in May) I’m now an official high school graduate of Iron County Adult High – it’s not quite Snow Canyon high, but I’ll take it. Around this time I also applied and made it into SUU. Insane.

Clare and Cody had Olive Campbell on May 1st. This was a huge day; while we were waiting for Olive to be born, news broke about Osama bin Laden’s death. Also there was a wrestling PPV, but that’s beside the point. Olive has been an amazing blessing for everyone in my family, and it’s great to see how Clare and Cody have become great parents. Olive is the happiest baby I’ve ever encountered.


I also went to Disneyland around this time with one of my best friends, David Harris, and our friend Danielle. It was a blast.


Around June they confirmed I was going to be going to SUU for sure. This was huge for me – as you know by now, a few months before I had been a high school dropout working night shifts at McDonalds. The score now: I’m a graphic designer working on my Graphic Design degree at a university. Not a bad few months, in my opinion.

I celebrated by going to a wrestling show in Vegas: Monday Night RAW. That’s another thing you might now know about me – I’m a huge wrestling fan. Something I really need to mention here, is the show we went to was actually pretty historic. My favorite wrestler is CM Punk, and he gave what’s called a worked shoot that night.


Now, a shoot is basically going “off script”. (Yes, I know  wrestling is pre-determined) He acknowledges a lot of the inner-workings of the business, and since then, the company has radically changed. They say it’s one of the biggest things to happen in pro wrestling in over ten years. And I was there. 🙂

I went with a person I’m not friends with anymore, and she has a lot of the good pictures we took. 😐 Anyway, that was the highlight of my summer.

The lowlight was probably wrecking my car. See, the family went out to Blanding, Utah to bless Olive in Cody’s home ward. On the way home, around Monticello, I tried to pass a semi and found out I didn’t have enough room in the oncoming lane. I tried to get out of the way by driving all the way to the other shoulder, but spun out on the gravel about 360 degrees and ended up back in traffic. I eventually hit a truck headon.. the highway patrolman was saying it was really lucky the way I hit. If I had spun just a bit more, the truck would have hit my drivers side door full force.



So, bad summer. The insurance money actually helped even out a few bills I was working on, so maybe it was another blessing. I ended up with my brother’s car, and since he was leaving for the Navy at the time, it was actually good timing.

I started at SUU in August, and it was tough adjusting to college life, with classes and such. I didn’t have a perfect semester, but it ended up alright. Sometime in August I had to go back to Monticello for court for a violation I had during the accident, and it was seriously awesome to spend a few days with my mom. We had a great talk and it was a great bonding experience. It might have been my favorite part of the year.

Around this time, we also found out our dog Puppy had run away from our dad’s house. They haven’t found him yet, 4 months later, so draw your own conclusions. We also had to put down our other dog Sassy around June. I miss them both.





In November, I went to Chicago to see my brother finish his Naval Training. It was my first time in a plane and my first time past New Mexico. (!) Such an amazing trip.




We happened to pass by Allstate Arena in Chicago, which is where CM Punk won his WWE title at Money in the Bank. Because I was there when he did his shoot, I thought it was awesome and ironic that I’d end up in the place where he won the title. No one else in the car cared, but Kellie pretended for me haha.


It’s been pretty quiet since then. I did something cool for my art capstone, and now I’m sitting here, thinking about how I can make next year even more awesome than this year was. It’s a flash presentation I made about a fictional dystopian country. I did some cool retro-art for it, and tied it all together in a slick way. I’m really proud of it, especially since I had no prior knowledge of flash before I started at Learnkey.


More randumb stuff I feel like sharing:

I found a few awesome bands this year. (I don’t only listen to The Beatles anymore!)

If you get a chance, listen to the Knife. They’re a swedish electronic brother/sister duo. Some of my favorite songs of theirs are Heartbeats, Like a Pen, Rock Classics, We Share Our Mother’s Health, and One Hit. Also, there’s the Deadly Syndrome. They’re more my usual style, sort of an indie-rock sound. Listen to Animals Wearing Clothes, Heart, and I Hope I Become a Ghost. All of their songs are awesome. Every one. (Note on this: This was my “Chicago soundtrack”.)

Also less notable, but still cool: The Kinks (I listened to them every day on the way to and from work in Cedar when I was still living in St. George), Best Coast, Mystery Jets, Edward Sharpe, Portishead, Kay Kay and his Weathered Undeground, Eleanor Friedberger, and some Thom Yorke stuff.

I got to play with Olive, Clare, and Audrey (Cody’s mom) for a few hours yesterday.


It’s gonna sound corny, but it really hit me: “This is awesome.” Family is important. I want to be like Cody and Clare when I grow up. So I made a little resolution then and there:

I’ve been inactive in the church basically since 2009. I want to start going back. Every week. There are also other things I want to work on, like working out (Yeah, I’m a stick.), getting awesome grades, and other things. But that’s a main one, and I think a great thing to look forward to.

I started writing this at the start of Office Space. That movie’s over now. I need to wrap up. Basically, it’s been an amazing year for me, I’ve improved my life in leaps and bounds, and I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for me.