It’s March.

by barkerwoofer

Daggone it. We had midterms this week. That means I’m 3/4 done as a college freshman.

Is it possible for something to DRAG on and pass really quickly at the same time? I can’t honestly say I’ve liked this first year of school, but I can say it’s been worth it. Everyone says it’ll be worth it, but it’s hard to see it when you’re rushing across the Centrum 20 times a week.. I’ll be glad to have some “real” classes this fall.. taking 5 art classes at once wasn’t my best idea ever. And all my classes are in the Centrum, which means I don’t get to go on campus.. I feel a little outcast that way. I actually took a walk around this week to look at some of the election things. Some party is actually calling itself the “Like” party, which strikes me as moronic and gimmicky.. and there’s a girl from my class at Snow Canyon that’s running for president. Now that’s a little crazy to me.

Know what’s REALLY crazy? It’s March, meaning I’ve “officially” “officially” lived in Cedar for a year. Now. Today. I moved in with some guys from work a year ago, which was fun. It’s been such a drastic change.. lots of growing.. lots of responsibility.. just kind of boring at the same time though. I love the weather here, but I still have an eye on the map. I want to get back to San Diego some day. Seriously dude.

Oh weather, that reminds me of running. I can comfortably run in 30 degree weather in a shirt and shorts. It’s funny to see people all bundled up during the afternoon. I’m either a genetic freak or I’m going to get very sick..

I haven’t really distance ran since I met my goal, which is naughty, but I have done sprint workouts for the past week. I’ve felt slow, and I don’t really have a kick when I finish runs, so I thought this might help. And it’s more fun! When you distance run it’s just point a to b. Sprint workouts are a lot more versatile. I’ve done ladders and hills and.. and.. and.. I actually don’t remember the names of some of them, but I do them. The NFL combine was this past week so I had the sudden inspiration to do 40-yard-dashes. They’re fun.. when you pretend to be a football player..

I know I look like a dork, but what happens is I make sure the Colosseum is empty, then do some of the few football workouts I remember from when I played back in middle school. I relearned Coach Graff’s bucket step, and sometimes when I do the dashes I look back.. which is stupid.. 

But at the same time it keeps me focused, and it’s FUN to pretend. I actually WANTED to do sprint workouts the other day above anything else (couldn’t because of homework). I always tell Honks one day I’m going to look like the Rock and rub it in her face and she just laughs, but you’ll see Honks, you’ll see..

More shee

  • I need a haircut.
  • Kramer and I can talk football again.
  • I’ve had some iPhone problems this week. 😐
  • I haven’t been to Institute or church in a while.
  • My excuse is homework, which is true for Institute at least, but I could rearrange things..
  • I started watching Survivor, and I don’t feel trashy for it. This season is decent.
  • I bought two more Fiery Furnaces albums, and they’re awesome.
  • I’ll marry EF one day, I promise.
  • Thoren.
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival.
  • I bought the Grease soundtrack because it was dirt cheap, and I never realized how funny some of the lyrics are on Greased Lighting.
  • I started reading Hunger Games.. I really dig that stuff.
  • We started ink painting in one of my classes and yeah, I got ink all over one of my uh favorite shirts. 
  • I really miss my roommate David. Living alone is eerie and depressing. 
  • Sometimes I lay away at night and think about how weird it’ll be to living in a dorm next semester.
  • I have a really weird message open in Facebook I don’t know if I want to send or not.
  • It’s 2 am. Crap.