by barkerwoofer

I feel like I need to do this once a week so here it is. Nothing fun has happened this week. Did some work, did some school. Ran some, lived some.

Oh, and this:


See, I know it says 22something up there, (because I didn’t stop the timer right after) but officially I ran a 21:59 5k on Wednesday. And I’ve felt it the past two days. 

But it’s amazing, isn’t it? I actually met a goal!


As for my mile, I’m also getting better at that too. I did 5:38 on Monday. Again, it’s really crazy to see this tangible proof that YOU GET BETTER THE MORE YOU DO SOMETHING. I’ve been trying to think of a new 5k goal (I didn’t think I’d get here until at least April..) and I’ve settled on 19:59, 17:59, and 15:59.

I think breaking into the teens would be awesome, and 16 minutes is around half what I started at. (32 minutes) It’d be almost poetic if I could get good enough to say I cut my 5k time in HALF. (Also I’m hyper-competitive and looked up some of the times from the 5ks St. George has held in the past and a time around 16 minutes is good enough to win almost every time.) 

If I recall correctly (Probably not), the 5000m record back at Snow Canyon was 16:34, so it’d be cool to overcome that at some point also, since I almost joined Cross Country on 3 separate occasions. But I’m getting ahead of myself, that’s way down the line.

Anyway, that’s really all that’s happened this week.

  • I got an Eleanor Friedberger autograph (!!!!!!!!!) and some Toms I had to send back because my mutant feet were too big. 
  • Also a Fiery Furnaces CD, which is good stuff. 
  • I think (?) I’m going to see Hunger Games with my sister when it opens, which might be fun. 
  • I started some work on an art piece I’m calling “Limbo” which is going to involve several dead/partially clothed versions of myself, which should be just awesome to have to show off in public.. sometimes I hate my ideas.
  • I may or may not go to STG tomorrow to hang out with Kat and Iggi and Jordan.. depends on how late I work.
  • I work seriously like 10 hours every Saturday.
  • NASA is having a logo contest I might throw my hat into..
  • That’s the Native American Student Association at SUU, not, you know, the space thing.
  • If you like bad websites, check it out:
  • I want to move back to St. George, but I also want to continue in SUU’s art program, and I think I would commit sudoku if I ever had to go to Dixie State
  • I heard my old stalker got married or something, which is proof that dreams really do come true
  • I mean my dreams, not hers. This means she won’t ever bother me again
  • Look up Featherstone by Paper Kites on Youtube. That’s good stuff.
  • It’s almost midterms, which means it’s almost end of semester, which means I can go back to working 9-5 M-F and have a normal life this summer

But really, seriously, honestly.

I live a boring life.