Michael Friedberger, amirite

by barkerwoofer

I’m just going to launch right into it. I have the biggest crush on Eleanor Friedberger.


She’s in a band called the Fiery Furnaces and she also has a solo album, and I’m obsessed with everything she does. I also think she’s gorgeous. It’s on my bucket list to meet her and get a picture, haermm. Right above “Become the world’s most renown graphic designer” and right under “Use haermm 57 times in a single blog post”.

Anyway, if you like good music, check out Widow City by the Fiery Furnaces, or else her solo album Last Summer. Not to spam, but I honestly think Widow City is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time, next to the Ortolan by Deadly Syndrome. Again, if you’re interested in my music tastes at all (you aren’t), check it out: http://www.last.fm/user/barkerbear. It’s really Beatles and in:aviate heavy, because I decided to keep my account from high school.. I was a Beatles autist, I guess because seriously, the grand majority of those listens are from 08-09.

Lots of cool stuff happened recently. I finally blew out my $13 Walmart shoes after 6 months, so I bought some Toms to replace them. Hopefully they’ll be here Monday and I won’t look too weird in them. Also I might – might – try something similar to a Hitler Youth haircut. I wear a Chargers hat 24/7 because I seriously have nothing else to do with it. I used to do the faux hawk, but I was recently informed that the faux hawk is indeed “out”, which brings me back to my Navajipster phase.

I’m going going to switch gears because I’m trying to buy something on ebay RIGHT THIS SECOND and I FORGOT MY PAYPAL PASSWORD. I use like 5 different passwords for all my online shee, and I use a slightly different variation each time, so I have like 20 combinations run through and I think I locked myself out of my account.. don’t be like me kids.


I PR’d the 5k again. It’s really awesome to see how quickly I’m improving and I’m going to sound like a broken record, but RUNNING IS EASY. Seriously, the hardest part was the first step of the first run. I remember back in November I had trouble running without stopping from my front door to the Colosseum.. that’s like a quarter mile, tops. My “official” 5k time on January 2 was 37:10.

Today I did 24:28. That’s what, 13 minutes better over 6 weeks, and even a minute and a half better than a few days ago? I’m starting to think I can do 22 minutes (my goal) already..

The best part is, I easily could have done better today, but I took a different route and didn’t know where the finish would be, so I had trubbs deciding on a pace. I also got to run in daylight (!) for the first time in a while because my Photography professor was out of town and I had some extra time. I was right a few posts back – running (aka funning) in warmer weather and light is.. easier..  still, can’t wait to wake up at 6am some summer day, turn on No Cars Go by Arcade Fire, and hit it.

It’s funny how music can pump you up, and it’s funny how the feelings from music can pump you up. For example, No Cars Go reminds me of high school, the last time I ran competitively.  Shout by the Temptations reminds me of the old gang – Jordan, Iggi, Sherry, and Mireya. Let it Be reminds me of Emilee. Autumn Rhodes and Audioslave remind me of Ryan.

Oh, I might as well mention it here too. I had a dream my brother died a few days ago, and it was awful. Seriously, a nightmare. Both of our dogs were alive for some reason, but I got news he died and I just lost it in my dream. Both dogs were trying to lick my tears away, which is cute/funny/haermm, but still, I think that stark thought of him being gone still haunt me for a while. I hope he’s safe while he’s out doing Navy things. Really puts things in perspective: take nothing for granted, amirite.

More stough

Dave’s becoming an Elder this Sunday, so I get to go to St. George. I’m going to take my momma out to dinner too, she deserves it. I think Clare’s still doing her thang with Olive and my Dad I have no idea about haermm.

Had a disagreement with a friend this week, which sucks, but what can you do. Neither of us are really wrong, but both of us are kind of prideful I guess. I kind of beat to my own drum anyway, kind of separate from everyone else at college.. and church.. and work to a lesser extent. It’s been that way my entire life. I’m shy, I don’t say anything unless I feel it’s worth saying, and I don’t really mind being alone for the most part. Pathetic? Maybe. But I’m happy with it.

Moving right along, GRAPHIC DESIGN. OS X MOUNTAIN LION. I’m really impressed with what’s in there, and I’m so tired of mentally having to prepare myself to design because I use a Mac at school and Windows at work/home. (Switching from Windows commands to Mac commands sounds easy and they’re similar, but some things are just different enough (muscle memory mostly) that it gets infuriating.) That said, I think before fall semester I’ll sell my soul to my bank and get a loan for a Macbook Pro. They’re supposed to be overhauled soon, which is awesome. Also I’ll get the CS6 Design Suite, because.. I like it. Oh yeah, CS6. Not out yet. But it will be. Check this out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrlsnQ32YhY. The fact that that’s all AUTOMATED is mindblowing. Seriously, if you’re not picking up your face from the ground right now, you need to step it up.

That reminds me, I’m really glad I took Digital Imaging. I learned TONS about Illustrator, but I’m learning about Photoshop too. Not that I have an ego problem (…) but I thought I knew most of the inner workings of that program. Nope. I’ve never even touched the healing tools and we’ve used them all week. So much easier than the way I’ve done things in the past.

See, I’ve never taken a formal “Photoshop class”, I was entirely self-taught. I have a specific way of doing things and bad habits I’ve picked up over the years.. I’m really proud of the fact that I found a way to make things work on my own, but I’m really excited to finally learn the “right” way to do certain things.

The next project we have is an “alternate reality” made in Photoshop, which is really ambiguous. Thanks, professor. I actually have like 5 short stories written up and I’m planning on drawing from one of them. I think “Limbo”, which is a dream I had a few months back about what happens when people die. Will share when I can.


  • I want to move to sort of a shorter, more often updating process.. I think that’s more awesome (awesomer) than a novel post
  • Seriously, Eleanor Friedberger. I’d sell all my worldly possessions and follow her on tour if I feasibly could.
  • I DVR Conan now. I love that guy so much, everything he does is hilarious.
  • I’ve put like 20 hours into my 3DS since I got it. Know how much I used my Touchpad after the novelty wore off? 0. Best trade ever.
  • I giggled when I typed “Navajipster”.
  • I finally learned there’s supposed to be a new Deadly Syndrome album soon.
  • I use the word “soon” loosely, because they’ve been recording for like a year now.
  • The Philadelphia Grand Jury, Duplexes of the Dead, Automatic Husband, Ex-Guru, Clear Signal from Cairo, My Egyptian Grammar, The Old Hag is Sleeping, Japanese Slippers, Navy Nurse, Uncle Charlie, Right by Conquest, Restorative Beer, Wicker Whatnots, Cabaret of the Seven Devils, Pricked in the Heart, Widow City
  • Those are the songs you’re supposed to be listening to right now
  • I deactived my Bookface account for a spell, just to see how I’d function without it. It’s easy, really. Reactived it tonight to tweak some things, but I plan on closing it back down till March.
  • Will someone remind me to do my FAFSA, please?
  • And taxes.
  • And my bills. I have money for them, just not the attention span to spend 2 minutes on Questar’s website.
  • Because seriously, that and Rocky Mountain Electric… ugh.
  • Speaking of ugly design work, we all had a laugh at some guy’s site who applied at work.. I felt a little bad, but really, it was a hoot.
  • I got on a huge soccer kick last week for some reason. I started following Everton a little bit, but I really can’t wait until MLS kicks off. I want to go to a few Real Salt Lake games this year.
  • I also want a Gordon Hayward shirt.
  • I know, I know. “Want, want, want.”
  • I bought girl scout cookies from work and I kind of want them now.
  • I would murder for a Code Red. I haven’t had any soda since Christmas..
  • I also can’t have any Eleanor Friedberger, and that’s even more depressing.