by barkerwoofer

I’m tired. Guess what, working full-time and going to school full-time isn’t easy or fun. It’s so weird to think the semester is almost a third over. Anyway, stuff.



PR’d again tonight. 🙂 Officially my 5K time is 25:58. I think that’s about a two minute improvement from last week.. and about 5 minutes from the start of the year. Anyway, word of advice to anyone reading and thinking about running: DO IT. It sucks while doing it, but you feel so refreshed and accomplished after. It’s such a small thing to do too, it’s only a half hour a few times a week.

There’s a midnight 5K I’m looking at doing in May, which I think would be haermm and awesome. It’s up on the hill where the old airport is in St. George. There’s also a 10K next month during Spring Break, but I don’t know what I’ll be doing then and I’ve been training for a 5K, not a double5K, haermm. 5K is just over 3 miles, if you didn’t know.

More stuff

I did more arts. These were all done in Illustrator, meaning they were made Vector instead of Raster. I know I keep mentioning it, but that was a big goal of mine this year, working less in Photoshop and more in other programs.

The assignment was to take an animal and make a few different designs. My favorite animal is a Bear, haermm.


This one is called.. Grizzlybeats? Am I supposed to name these? It’s meant to be sort of abstract, sort of 3D. Why? One of my favorite songs ever is Heartbeats by the Knife, and I found an awesome remix of it a while back on youtube called Grizzlybeats. The art is also based on the cover of a Knife album, Deep Cuts.


Haermm. Let’s call it Bear at Table. We were supposed to derive (aka trace) this from another photo, so boom: I thought it would be haermm to tie in Chicago, since I just went there and they have the Bears and Cubs and stuff there.


I heard something about Prop 8 a few days ago, so here we go. I like this one a lot. I’m not sure if it’s a sarcastic take on the situation or not.. I’m well aware of the church’s stance on it, and call me liberal if you like, but I think gays should have the right to marry. It’s honestly not as big a deal as some groups are making it out to be, and after all, free agency, right? There are a lot bigger problems the country should be worried about, like the economy and foreign relations. I won’t ever go out and picket for gay marriage, so I’m apathetic, but.. you know. If it happens, I wouldn’t really mind. That’s my opinion.

Anyway, back to art haermm. This is just a humerus take on it, that’s all. The bears help form an “M”, standing for either Michael or Marriage, your call. It didn’t take long, and like I said, this is my favorite out of the ones I had to do for the assignment.


Pooh. I had another idea, but I kind of ran out of time and did this instead. It’s supposed to be a pot of hunny in the sky, and then Pooh sees it and ties balloons to himself to get to it. I just remembered I meant there to be bees around the honey pot, but I forgot. Maybe this is all a metaphor. Anyway, I think it turned out ok, but eh.

More, more stuff.

I watch a lot of Fresh Prince. I think the DVR is the most important invention of all time.


It really reminds me of the summer of 06 or 07, whenever my Uncle Rob lived with us. I was kicked out of my room for Clare I think, and he was on the couch, so I was behind the couch every night. Playing Grand Theft Auto, learning Photoshop, writing stupid Harry Potter stories, watching the NBA was a good time.


I found this at work today. I’m pretty sure I made it around April 2009 when I was a senior. It’s funny, the teacher in that class was named Ms. Jensen and she’s really the only teacher I ever had a “chill” relationship with. I made it with all HTML coded in a text file. No WYSIWYG. No CSS. Just tables. It’s funny ,because that was outdated even back then, and I looked over the code today and I have no idea what 70% of it is. It’s funny how we can forget things we used to know so well. The site itself was for a trip I was planning to take with my bro Jordan to San Diego. Really over the top, I know. Keep in mind this was in a time before Twitter was popular, so I would have had to update the whole site manually. Crazy, isn’t it?

I might try to get back into web design, because I’m sure I’ll need to learn HTML 5 and CSS sometime in college anyway. Which reminds me.


This is something I made when I was new at Learnkey. It’s the overall theme of the project, which was a learning aid for HTML 5. One of the best things about my job is while I’m a graphic designer, and I’m also constantly learning things in the files we make. I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to go through and watch some of the content we make, so I have a good starting point for HTML. My coworker Lee drew the superhero. He also just finished drawing his first comic book, and he’s going to a convention in April for it.

The wrap up

  • I had my first Photography assignment due this week, but I know my pictures are crap, so I won’t even bother sharing them
  • I traded my Touchpad for a 3DS. I like Zelda now.
  • Scramble is awesome. Seriously, play it. Play me.
  • I made a full pot of soup last night, but forgot I don’t have a roommate anymore, so I have leftovers for several days now.
  • I had a mini-breakdown a few days ago where I decided I hate Cedar and the man who founded it. I’ve calmed down, but I’ve also decided I want to go to a more eastern college and have a “traditional” college experience, whatever that is. I’m really looking at Michigan, but transferring will be really hard. Something else to work for, right?
  • I honestly don’t remember the last time I played my PS3 or Wii.
  • I hate Eli Manning again.
  • The church is still really growing on me. I’m blown away by some of the things I’m feeling. I’ll leave some of that for next time though, haermm.
  • Music, because I like posting picturesImage

Srug, this was more of a art thing. Sorry.